PHP Savant Paginate

This is instructions and download page for PHP pagination class PHP Savant Paginate designed to work with the PHP Savant web template engine. PHP Savant Paginate comes with five PHP Savant plugins to be used inside your template files and it is based on SmartyPaginate class from SmartyPaginate project.

PHP Savant Paginate class and plugins download

PHP Savant Paginate class and PHP Savant template engine plugins:

PHP Savant Paginate demo projects download

To try this demo projects you must do two things. First you must to execute MySQL script from 'sql' directory to create test database and table. Second thing is to enter your database info into settings.ini file.

PHP Savant Paginate class and PHP Savant plugins with PHP/MySQL demo project:

PHP Savant Paginate class and PHP Savant template engine plugins with PHP PDO/MySQL demo project:


You can find instructions together with the reference manual inside the download packages above.


PHP Savant Paginate is constant work in progress so your feedback would be very appreciated. Please comment here if you discover any bugs and I will try to correct them.

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