Social networking web application SocialNET hasn't been released yet. Once it is finished I will decide on appropriate license. If you are interested in implementing SocialNET on your site please contact me using my contact form.


SocialNET is social networking web application created by me as my graduate work for my Bachelor's degree in computer science. I've built it ground up using open source technologies and added many features during the course of the last few years.


  • User profile system supporting friendship relations. User has total control of his profile, read only access to most of his friends profile and very limited access to profiles of other people.
  • User can search for other users even before registering for an account. Registered users can send, receive, approve or ignore friendship invitations. It is also possible to block users from sending you friendship invitations.
  • Each user gets his user wall where all his friends can write messages.
  • Users get photo gallery where they can manage albums and upload photos. Photo can be set as user avatar. Users can also leave their comments on commenting wall of their friend photos.
  • Users can manage blog with blog posts and comment on their friend blog posts.
  • There is personal messaging system allowing users to send and receive messages to and from your friends. It is also possible to manage personal message drafts for sending personal message later.
  • Application supports user interface themes by uploading theme files to appropriate directory.
  • There is control panel where users can manage their user account and do things like change password, email address, theme or user interface language and manage other options.

Technical characteristics

  • Server side written in object oriented PHP
  • Client side uses jQuery Javascript library
  • User inteface also uses jQuery UI Javascript library for elements like dialogs and progress bars
  • Uses customized PHP Savant PHP templating engine to separate logic from presentation.
  • Implements PHP Savant Paginate class written to support data pagination
  • Database is accessed using PHP Data Objects (PDO) interface, multiple DBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL or even MSSQL can be used to supply application with data)
  • Implements TinyMCE Javascript text editor to enhance text input
  • User interface supports translation and localization trough Gettext

Your feedback and contact

Your feedback would be very appreciated. If you discover any bugs please describe your problem here or using contact form and I will do my best to resolve it. Feature requests and comments are also welcome.


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