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Install Oracle (Sun) Java 6 on Debian, Ubuntu and LinuxMint revised

Java Logo I've already wrote about installing latest Oracle (Sun) Java JDK and JRE 6 on Ubuntu based operating systems. In that article I wrote about BASH script used to download Oracle Java packages from Oracle servers and to create Debian packages. Unfortunately this script often fails due to Oracle web site changes and then you're supposed to wait for script developer to update his work or update it your self. In this article I'll show you how to create Oracle (Sun) Java 6 packages from Java 6 binary files you have downloaded your self. This procedure is using Janusz Dziemidowicz packaging work without any helper BASH scripts.

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Detect visitor's country from his IP address in your WordPress plugin or theme

GeolocationRecently while coding my "who is online" WordPress plugin Quick Count I had an idea that it would be great if I could somehow detect visitor's country of origin from his IP address. After doing some research I've learned that most online IP to country services are proprietary and offer limited services for free or they don't offer free service at all. Then I came across a great ip-countryside open source project by Markus Goldstein. He has developed open source C++ application that creates IP to country database using 5 Regional Internet Registries (RIR): AFRINIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE. I've decided to create open source WordPress plugin named Quick Flag that uses this database to provide IP to country services to all WordPress community. In this article I'll show you how to install and use Quick Flag IP to country functionality from your own plugin or theme.

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Add your custom post type count to Right Now admin dashboard widget with WordPress plugin

Wordpress Logo BlueRecently I've published my latest WordPress plugin Quick Poll where I've used custom post type feature of recent WordPress versions to implement voting poll functionality. Wouldn't it be nice to show your custom post type count on WordPress dashboard Right Now widget right bellow the number of posts, pages, comments, categories and tags? This would definitely help your custom post type to blend into default WordPress functionality. It is also handy because clicking on your custom post type count will take user right to the list of your custom post type posts. In this article I'm presenting code to do just that.

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