Social Connect for Magento


Social Connect for Magento is released under OSL-3.0 license.


Social Connect for Magento is an extension allowing your customers to login or create an account at your store using their Google, Facebook or Twitter account.


Social Connect for Magento source code is hosted by GitHub from where you can download current copy of its master branch:

Download Social Connect for Magento

You can also fork or contribute to Social Connect for Magento by visiting its official GitHub repository page:

Social Connect for Magento @ GitHub


Commercial support is available directly from the extension author.


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4 thoughts on “Social Connect for Magento

  1. DUshyant Kumar

    I am using your Inchoo_SocialConnect extension in magento and i’m facing some issues regarding Facebook and google login. Actually when user already login in Facebook and at same browser when user try to login teafloor with the help of Facebook then it is showing page doesn’t found initially and after that it redirects user to the home page of Teafloor.

    site url:

  2. makis

    can confirm the same issue.
    “error”: {
    “message”: “Missing redirect_uri parameter.”,
    “type”: “OAuthException”,
    “code”: 191,

    The PHP side fails to GET the URL, resulting in showing the raw JSON responce to the client.
    The same URL as shown to the client will work on the browser side though, which is weird…
    Any ideas on where to look for those elusive quotes??
    I’m using Social Connect 0.3.8


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