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Customize default desktop environment settings for Gnome-centric Linux distributions

gnome-logoSome of you are probably wondering why would you want to spend your time fiddling with default desktop environment settings customization, when you can easily customize everything to your liking inside you own user account? Most probably you'd want to do this when you're re-mastering your favorite Linux distribution using tools like OS4 system imager (fork of the now discontinued Remastersys) or Relinux. In this article I'll show you how to handle this task elegantly using GSettings vendor overrides.

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Fix Clearlooks GTK+ 2 theme missing menu borders on Java applications

ClearlooksDue to current Gnome 3 and Unity madness I still use good old GNOME 2 based Linux operating systems like Centos 6 and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on all my machines. When I need productivity I put on my Clearlooks theme. Clearlooks is simple and elegant theme engine for GTK+ used by default by GNOME desktop environment version 2. This is theme that has been around for years and if you have GNOME 2 on your machine you most likely have Clearlooks theme. A few years ago I've noticed a little bug with Java based applications. Basically when you switch to Clearlooks theme your Java applications loose menu borders. In this article I'm bringing workaround for missing menu borders on Java applications with Clearlooks GTK+ 2 theme.

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The mystery of Ubuntu Gnome missing panel applet

Have you ever installed application on your Linux box to discover that its Gnome panel applet is missing from "Add to panel" dialog. Even worse if you application is Gnome panel applet. On my Ubuntu box this usually happens when i install something from the source. What went wrong you might ask? Many things I must say. But there is one thing you should check first. Here it goes...

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