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Quick Browscap is released under GPLv2 license.

Quick Browscap Demo

If you want to see Quick Browscap in action you can check out my Quick Count and Quick Poll WordPress plugins demo pages.


Quick Browscap allows you to quickly get detailed browser capabilities from user agent string using database provided by Browser Capabilities Project. It also supports updating browser capabilities database using single click without updating Quick Browscap as well as updating this database automatically. This plugin doesn't have end user functionality because it's meant to be used by other WordPress plugins.


Here are some of the features of Quick Browscap WordPress plugin:

  • When compared to native PHP get_browser() function, Quick Browscap can be easily used on shared hosting environments.
  • Browser capabilities database can be updated using single click without updating Quick Browscap plugin.
  • Browser capabilities database can be auto updated weekly without updating Quick Browscap plugin.
  • After database update PHP cache file is created to avoid parsing database on every access.


  • Requires at least: WordPress 3.0
  • Tested up to: WordPress 3.4.1
  • Current version: Quick Browscap 1.03


You can find up to date installation instructions on Quick Browscap WordPress.org installation page.


You can find up to date FAQ on Quick Browscap WordPress.org FAQ page.


You can find up to date change log on Quick Browscap WordPress.org changelog page.

Your donations

Quick Browscap is open source web application created by single person and released under GPLv2 license. This means that you can use or even modify Quick Browscap free of charge. Open source development and user support for my WordPress plugins takes at least few hours of my every day so if you find Quick Browscap useful you can donate to help it's development. Thanks in advance.

Your feedback

Your feedback would be very appreciated. If you discover any bugs please describe your problem here or using contact form and I will do my best to resolve it. Feature requests and comments are also welcome and I will try to fulfill any feature requests.

Quick Browscap stable version

Quick Browscap is hosted by official WordPress plugin directory so that is where you can get it:

DOWNLOAD Quick Browscap 1.03 from WordPress.org

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7 thoughts on “Quick Browscap

  1. Thorsten


    I tested Quickbrowscap successfully at home using PHP 5.3, but it doesn’t work at my hoster with PHP5.2. There are Errors while parsing. I get rid of the Messages by putting non alphanumeric letters in quotation marks, but as result i get an empty array then.

    Regards, Thorsten


    1. Marko Author

      Hello Thorsten,
      thanks for reporting. There is a problem with PHP versions older than 5.3. I think I’ve found problem and if it proves to be correct I’ll have an update tomorrow.



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