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Remove search engines and other Firefox, Chromium and Opera customizations on Linux Mint 14

Linux Mint LogoLinux Mint 14 has been released yesterday. From end users perspective Cinnamon environment looks and behaves beautifully, much better than Ubuntu 12.10 with it's Unity interface abomination. But if you leave end user stuff aside and take a look under the Linux Mint hood, there is high probability that you won't like what you find there. For the most part Linux Mint is using override system to run over Ubuntu files and apt triggers to override new files upon installing updates to Ubuntu packages of interest. This override system is also used to shove Linux Mint search engines and other revenue oriented browser customizations down your throat on every update of your favorite browser like Firefox, Chromium or Opera.

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Disable and remove AppArmor on Ubuntu based Linux distributions

AppArmor is security Linux kernel module similar to the SELinux but it's supposed to be easier to setup and maintain. There are many reasons for you to disable it, primary one is that its security features can get in the way of legitimate applications operation. In this article I am going to show you how to disable AppArmor from your Ubuntu based Linux distribution.

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Apt-Cacher NG - apt caching proxy on Debian/Ubuntu

Having GSM Internet connection and multiple Debian based PC in your local network is not every users dream situation. That's especially true if your mobile broadband service provider limits amount of data you can transfer per month for reasonable price, and everything above limit is very expensive. Besides that having flat rate Internet connection and hundred PC inside your LAN could potentially create unnecessary network congestions. Wouldn't it be nice to have some kind of apt caching proxy so we could download apt packages and updates only one time, and then distribute them inside our LAN to all of our Ubuntu or Debian PCs? Author of Apt-Cacher NG apt caching proxy came to rescue with its useful but somewhat hard to setup application. I will explain how to get things moving in 10 minutes max...

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