Codeigniter Auth


Codeigniter Auth is released under GPLv2 license.


Codeigniter PHP framework library class for dealing with user authentication.


  • Passwords stored as SHA-256 of password + separate hash key = password hash.
  • Current logged in status stored in session as SHA-256 of id + email + password hash + separate hash key = session hash. Ability to validate session by checking session hash on each page load.
  • Remember me cookie is using cookie tokens stored inside database. Remember me cookie is being regenerated on each remember me cookie login.
  • Registration supports both direct and activate token based registration.


Please note that following steps assume that you have correctly configured Codeigniter on your server.

  1. Place auth.php inside application/config.
  2. Place Auth.php inside application/libraries.
  3. Create installation controller that calls install() method provided by this library to create all of the required database tables.
  4. Create your login and register controllers.
  5. Adjust application/config/session.php with your $config['auth_login_controller'], $config['auth_session_hash_key'], $config['auth_password_hash_key'], $config['auth_cookie_hash_key'] and $config['auth_activate_hash_key'].


Codeigniter Auth source code is hosted by GitHub from where you can download current copy of its master branch:

Codeigniter Auth download

You can also fork or contribute to Codeigniter Auth by visiting its official GitHub repository page:

Codeigniter Auth on GitHub

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