Disable and remove AppArmor on Ubuntu based Linux distributions

AppArmor is security Linux kernel module similar to the SELinux but it's supposed to be easier to setup and maintain. There are many reasons for you to disable it, primary one is that its security features can get in the way of legitimate applications operation. In this article I am going to show you how to disable AppArmor from your Ubuntu based Linux distribution.

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Compile upstream Linux kernel from kernel.org on Ubuntu or Debian

Linux kernelIn this article I will show you how to compile kernel from kernel.org on Debian based operating systems like Ubuntu. If you talk to any Linux guru he will say that compiling upstream kernel.org is something very complicated and reserved only for advanced users. That just isn't true. Nowadays to compile upstream kernel without excessive modification of default options all you need is some free time, because compilation process could take 30 to 60 minutes or longer depending on your PC characteristics. So lets get down to business...

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Enable Apache mod_rewrite on Ubuntu Linux system

Apache Logo

Any LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) web development effort requires fully functional Linux web server. You can also develop using LAMP installation on other operating systems but that just isn't the real thing. The way I develop is by using Ubuntu LAMP local server I can play with without fear of cutting off hundreds of people from any public site just because I've typed colon instead semicolon somewhere in some php file. If you want to know how to setup Ubuntu Linux for your development work here's one of my earlier articles on that topic:

Ubuntu Netbeans and LAMP server with Xdebug as non-root user

In this article I will show you how to enable Apache mod_rewrite engine on your Ubuntu LAMP installation. This module is used by web administrators to "mask" their site URLs into the form they want users to see. This is done because it is not necessary or secure to expose your site innerworkings like GET parametars or scripts paths on your server.

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Netbeans 7.0 and "Cannot find java. Please use the -- jdkhome switch"

Netbeans LogoWhy do I like coding in Netbeans IDE? I don't really know why, I just do. Don't get me wrong, I use Eclipse and it is a great tool but Netbeans and me go way back. But unfortunately there is a little hiccup with the latest Netbeans 7.0. Installing Netbeans while having OpenJDK results in Netbeans refusing to start with error message "Cannot find java. Please use the --jdkhome switch" when you try to start it with Sun (now Oracle) Java. The fix for this annoying bug (I guess we can call it bug) is rather trivial so read on.

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Turn mouse acceleration off on Ubuntu or any other Linux PC

Tux mouseI must admit that I'm no gamer. Actually the only game I play occasionally is Urban Terror FPS. I don't want to spend those 15 minutes a month playing at the end of TAB key players list. Recently I've discovered that my gaming improves when I turn the mouse acceleration off. So lets talk about how to do this in Linux operating system. I'm not talking about gnome-mouse-properties because when you use GUI to turn the mouse acceleration off it doesn't really gets turned off, it is only reduced. In this article I will show you how to turn your mouse acceleration completely off. Follow me...

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