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Like most web sites now days, TechyTalk.info web site is based on WordPress foundations. WordPress is as its authors describe it "a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability." It is also open source and based on open source technologies like PHP and MySQL. WordPress has given a lot to the Linux community and to me personally so I've decided to give something back by making WordPress plugin for all of us to use.

We all like to chat so I've decided to extend WordPress trough quick and lightweight Ajax chat plugin. One of the advantages of open source community is that you don't need to start from scratch so I've decided to base my plugin on the work of djaney3's chat plugin. I've also decided to name this newborn "Quck Chat".


Here are some of the features of "Quick Chat" WordPress chat plugin:

  • Quick Chat can filter bad words and has user interface for adding and removing bad words
  • Quick Chat is translation friendly (Croatian translation and translation template (.pot) provided)
  • Quick chat can detect is user logged in (and takes user first name or login name for chat)
  • Quick chat appearance is described by separate CSS file (Quick Chat will blend in your site with a few lines of CSS)
  • Quick chat comes with quality set of emoticons to spice up your chat experience
  • Quick Chat saves your website bandwidth by sending Ajax requests only when there are new messages

Instructions and download

For more instructions and download link please go here:



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3 thoughts on “Quick Chat WordPress plugin and widget

  1. fastharryDOTcom

    Hi Marko…

    Hope this finds you well my friend…You know what I was thinking would be a good thing to add for the future?..A “check all messages” or a “delete all” messages button..this way you don’t have to check each box one by one..


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