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Bug behind before/after="Mage_Adminhtml" in Magento

Magento Standard Router BugSince Magento CE 1.3.0 version, creating Magento admin controller required you to specify before="Mage_Adminhtml" or after="Mage_Adminhtml" attribute for your node at admin/routers/adminhtml/args/modules XML Path, depending on type of behavior you want to achieve. Like me, you probably have doubts on why this is necessary, and what is the background of this requirement? Simple answer would be that without it, it simply doesn't work. More precisely, Magento hits you right in the schnoz with 404 after you try accessing admin controller in question, if you don't set one of these attributes at your node. In this article I'll do my best to explain bug in Magento standard router causing this behavior, one that somehow managed to get packaged with last 25+ Magento CE versions without being noticed.

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Adding layered navigation to custom controller action in Magento

Cart LayersIn my last article I tried to outline Magento way of displaying custom product collection using custom controller action at store frontend. I also made a promise to write a follow-up on the topic covering adding layered navigation to custom controller action with goal of making your product collection easier to navigate. For purposes of writing this article, I'll shift my focus back to Magento extension for managing catalog price rules based sale items, code I originally wrote to demonstrate adding custom layered navigation filter in Magento in one of my previous articles. As a part of this extension, I also created custom controller action used to display only sale items and added the layered navigation to that controller action, something I'll do my best to explain here.

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