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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Java applications menu bar font color

Java LogoUbuntu 12.04 LTS named Precise Pangolin has been released few days ago. I did some testing and I can't really say I'm disappointed because that happened a while ago when Canonical released first Unity powered Ubuntu version. But lets be fair and ignore Unity for a moment and focus on something else. Latest Ubuntu is full of bugs. For example if you had an idea to do some coding using NetBeans Java IDE on your shiny new Ubuntu 12.04 LTS think again. To be honest you can try to do some coding if you don't mind not seeing your menu bar due to bug where Java applications use wrong menu bar font color. Also the latest version of Ubuntu light themes exposes an old bug where Java applications loose menu border. This bug first appeared with default Gnome 2 GTK+ theme Clearlooks, if you need workaround for that one here it is. It isn't clear is this Java Swing API bug or Ubuntu light themes bug but fortunately there is a workaround. In this article I will present PPA with modified version of Ubuntu light-themes package that works around this issue.

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Ubuntu Evince with panning hand for scrolling PPA

I use Wacom Bamboo One tablet in my every day computing and I'm very satisfied with its performance when connected to my Ubuntu PC. But one thing I miss when compared to mouse is panning hand. When using tablet it is easiest to scroll by grabbing you document up or down. But, your application must support such "panning hand" GUI interface. With Firefox i use "Grab and Drag" addon and that's about all I need from my browsing experience when it comes to scrolling with my tablet. Most of the other desktop applications do not support "panning hand" and there isn't much we can do about it except grabbing source and getting our hands dirty. IRIE Shinsuke agrees, so he patched Gnome document viewer Evince with "panning hand" patch grabbed from Evince mailing lists. This patch unfortunately hasn't been accepted for inclusion to Evince (don't know why). Fear not, IRIE is here with Ubuntu PPA for Evince with "panning hand". So read on to find out how to obtain you copy:

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Ubuntu latest Wacom tablet driver PPA

Wacom Intuos3 A5I use tablet instead of mouse. Why? It feels more natural when compared to mouse especially after you get used to it. And freehand drawing in Gimp becomes much easier and gives better results when you replace you mouse with tablet device. The only tablet manufacturer with good Linux support (provided by the community) is Wacom. Linux Wacom driver consists of kernel module and Xorg driver. Latest Wacom kernel module and Wacom Xorg driver can be found at Linux Wacom project Sourceforge site. It is very important for me to have my tablet in top shape on my Linux PCs so I often grab latest driver from projects Git repository and go trough process of compiling it. You might have some brand new Wacom tablet without support in your current Ubuntu distribution so you should do the same. Problem is that Git repository can sometimes be in semiusefull state because, after all it is the place where development is taking place.

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