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Configuring cache storage backends in Magento 2 - Redis

Redis_LogoIt didn't take long after Colin Mollenhour released it's Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis into the wild for Redis to become preferred cache storage backend in Magento world. With Magento 2 approaching rapidly, it's nice to know that once it goes GA, we'll find our good old Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis inside. But, since our familiar app/etc/local.xml has been replaced by app/etc/env.php, how exactly do we switch cache backends in Magento 2? Luckily not much has changed and basics of switching cache backends is just a matter of syntax, as I'll explain in this article. Additionally, although this isn't proper approach to configuring cache backends in Magento 2, by adjusting dependency injection container configuration, I'll demonstrate how app/etc/di.xml connects ins and outs of Magento 2 platform.

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