Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 no menu bar in some apps

Some applications exhibit strange behavior on latest Ubuntu Maverick. They show no menus. Applications I have discovered are Filezilla, Audacity, Codeblocks and Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.x when user has more than two pdfs open. This usually happens when user tries to install Canonical Unity thing, and because it is very unstable when installed from Maverick repositories, troubles follow along with its installation. Fix you ask? Here it is...

You must remove appmenu-gtk package. I haven't discovered any loss of functionality doing so. Appmenu thing will probably be used in next Ubuntu version for global menu thing in Unity enviroment. For Ubuntu 10.10 i see no reason for leaving in on your system except if you don't like menu bar in your apps. Just put this in your terminal and be on your way:

sudo apt-get remove appmenu-gtk

If you have any problems with this quick fix you can leave anonymous comment by clicking on the "comments" link in the upper right corner of this article.


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9 thoughts on “Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 no menu bar in some apps

  1. Marko


    It is Cannonical Unity thing. As of Ubuntu 11.04 Cannonical is replacing Gnome with its own desktop solution called Unity. Idea is to have application menus in Unity top panel. appmenu-gtk package is used to somehow redirect application menus to panel but as we can see this doesn’t always work. In Ubuntu 10.10 this package has no purpose (none that I can find).

  2. Tiago J. Pavan

    I try this, but don’t work for me… Any clues or ideas about what can happen? I have a clean 10.10 install here, and the only modification I do is install nautilus elementary and the elementary theme, but before Ive been forced to format all my system, all works fine with the same configuration.

  3. Marko Author

    If I were you, I would go trough package list and see if there is any Unity related stuff installed. Go to Synaptic and search for “appmenu” string. You should get list of four “appmenu-something” packages. If any of them is installed, remove it and reboot. By the way, what applications on your system are affected (have missing menus)?


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