Quick Chat for WordPress - New version 1.80

Hi everyone. Last few days I've been rather busy working on Quick Chat. This new version is partial rewrite of previous Quick Chat with focus on security. Also I've added two requested features that deal with chat identity theft prevention. Namely Quick Chat admin options now have "Protect registered users user names from being used by other users" option turned on by default. This means that after user name change Quick Chat will use ajax to fetch information does chosen chat user name belongs to any registered user. If chat user name isn't available, user will have to change his user name to participate in chat. Also I've added "Reserved chat user names list" admin option where site admin can add user names that would be baned from chat. On this list I've placed names "admin" and "moderator" by the default (restriction isn't case sensitive).

Here is the full change log for Quick Chat version 1.80:

  • Add "Protect registered users user names from being used by other users" admin option (Admin users are not affected by this restriction)
  • Add "Reserved chat user names list (comma separated)" admin option, with "admin" and "moderator" as default reserved names (Admin users are not affected by this restriction)
  • Additional steps to protect chat against malicious users
  • Ajax logic rewritten to use admin-ajax.php
  • Ajax calls secured using WordPress nounces
  • When string "unique" is used for chat room name for any sidebar chat widget, this widget shows unique chat on every post/page except on home page where it shows the "default" chat room
  • Add PayPal donate button at the end of Quick Chat admin option list

New version should be offered automatically by the WordPress update system. The problems regarding TechyTalk and Quick Chat donation button are hopefully resolved, so I've added it to the end of QC admin options list. This way you can easily contribute to my development efforts (thanks in advance). Hope you find Quick Chat 1.80 useful, wish you all best.


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16 thoughts on “Quick Chat for WordPress - New version 1.80

  1. Stefan

    Hi Marco,

    I have the following problem with the sidebar in conjunction with the new quick-chat-version: the sidebar is shown at the end of the site!
    But when i logged in , the sidebar moves to the right position.

    Do you have any Idea what is wrong?


  2. Stefan

    Hi Marco,

    no, i never modify it!

    This morning I deinstalled “quick-chat” and reinstalled. And I noticed if you select “Only logged in users can use chat” the problem is always still there !!!

    If I did not select the option the smilies container is there.
    Convince yourself: http://www.gs-neuershausen.de/?page_id=285


  3. Marko Author


    Stefan you are right, there is a little bug with “Only logged in users can use chat” option in version 1.80 and 1.81. I’ve corrected it and will upload Quick Chat 1.82. You will get it as regular update. Thank you very much for reporting this problem. Cheers!

  4. Karen Lewis

    This is a terrific plugin – have a quick question, though. Is there any way to add a div in the container for visitors as to how to use the chat feature? I have a client who wants to say something like, “Ask me questions or just chat with one another. I’ll answer as I can.”


  5. Marko Author

    @Karen Lewis

    Hi! When using Quick Chat using shortcode inside post or page, this should be as easy as adding help text before or after quick chat shortcode. When using widget, you can also use WordPress built in Text Widget to display help text above or below Quick Chat. I might add more elegant and integrated way to do this in the future. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask, cheers!

  6. Karen Lewis

    Thanks, Marko.I am using a sidebar widget, so I really don’t want to use the built in text widget, as I have created a background for the h2 titles and there is a spacing issue. However, if that is my only option at this time, I’ll work around it. Thanks so much!


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