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Latest Oracle (Sun) Java JDK and JRE 6 on Ubuntu operating systems

Java LogoLets be honest, coding on Linux will probably include some Java based application like Eclipse or NetBeans. That's actually not a bad thing because we get to carry our development environment with us when using other proprietary operating systems. But since Oracle sliced "Operating System Distributor License for Java" and now nobody can legally host Java repository we have to install Java manually by downloading their JRE or JDK blob from Oracle servers. That isn't exactly hard thing to do but we don't want to give Oracle the pleasure of knowing that they made our already crowded day a little more complicated. So here I'm presenting work of excellent Debian packaging work by Janusz Dziemidowicz and a fellow open source enthusiast Martin Wimpress from Flexion.Org. These guys made it possible for us to create Java JDK 6 and JRE 6 deb packages and create local Java repository our selves.

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