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How to make specific WordPress posts visible only when accessed directly

Wordpress Logo BlueRecently I had to to publish an article in a way that common site visitors aren't aware of it's existence. Basically this article had to be excluded from all WordPress loops and visible only when accessed directly. General idea of solution presented in this article is to use pre_get_posts hook to alter WP_Query. Goal is excluding hidden post on frontend, area that isn't single post and when area is single post other than hidden post it self. Now allow me to share code snippet that can be used for this purpose.

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Debug Apache mod_rewrite by enabling logging feature

Apache logoMod_rewrite is Apache web server module that enables you to do behind scenes URL rewrite on your Apache powered web site. Using mod_rewrite you can make your site URL's user friendly and hide your site inner workings to increase security. Writing mod_rewrite rules requires some effort to master regular expressions and somewhat hairy mod_rewrite syntax. The whole process is much easier when you have insight to rewrite engine. In this article I'll show you how to debug Apache mod_rewrite by enabling logging feature while creating your rewrite rules.

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