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Quick Chat for WordPress - New version 1.80

Hi everyone. Last few days I've been rather busy working on Quick Chat. This new version is partial rewrite of previous Quick Chat with focus on security. Also I've added two requested features that deal with chat identity theft prevention. Namely Quick Chat admin options now have "Protect registered users user names from being used by other users" option turned on by default. This means that after user name change Quick Chat will use ajax to fetch information does chosen chat user name belongs to any registered user. If chat user name isn't available, user will have to change his user name to participate in chat. Also I've added "Reserved chat user names list" admin option where site admin can add user names that would be baned from chat. On this list I've placed names "admin" and "moderator" by the default (restriction isn't case sensitive).

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Quick Chat WordPress plugin - New version 1.25

Hi everyone again! WordPress chat plugin "Quick Chat" has reached version 1.25. New features since my last post are:

  • Support unlimited multiple instances of the Quick Chat on the same page
  • Quick Chat can be added to the posts or pages by placing WordPress shortcode
  • Insert from smilies repository fade-in and fade-out effects
  • Set textarea and smilies repository width to 100% of available space
  • Quick Chat now removes its WordPress options and database when being deleted

For more info please visit Quick Chat information page here at TechyTalk.info or Quick Chat WordPress.org page.

New version should be offered automatically to you by WordPress update system. If you want to delete your database and options and do fresh install you should first upgrade to 1.25, delete Quick Chat from the WordPress Plugins, and then reinstall latest version. Cheers!

Quick Chat WordPress plugin and widget

Like most web sites now days, TechyTalk.info web site is based on WordPress foundations. WordPress is as its authors describe it "a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability." It is also open source and based on open source technologies like PHP and MySQL. WordPress has given a lot to the Linux community and to me personally so I've decided to give something back by making WordPress plugin for all of us to use.

We all like to chat so I've decided to extend WordPress trough quick and lightweight Ajax chat plugin. One of the advantages of open source community is that you don't need to start from scratch so I've decided to base my plugin on the work of djaney3's chat plugin. I've also decided to name this newborn "Quck Chat".

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