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Install Magento on Ubuntu and fix PHP Extensions "0" must be loaded error with PHP 5.4

Magento LogoEvent though I follow MVC pattern in many of my web related projects, like every PHP web developer I came to the point when I have to dive into some well established MVC PHP framework. This is something backend developer must do if he wants to stop being a lone wolf and start working inside a team of developers. Web frameworks of my choice are fast Codeigniter and powerful Zend Framework. Getting to know about Codeigniter wasn't hard, but mastering Zend is still work in progress especially since Zend Framework 2 has been recently released. Talking about Zend, recently I got interested in getting to know about open source eCommerce solutions and I choose to get acquainted with Zend based Magento. In this article I'll show you how to install Magento on a Debian based distributions like Ubuntu and provide workaround for the PHP Extensions "0" must be loaded error thrown by Magento installer running on PHP 5.4.

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