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Quick Chat is released under GPLv2 license.

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WordPress has given a lot to the Linux community and to me personally so I've decided to give something back by making WordPress plugin for all of us to use. We all like to chat so I've decided to extend WordPress with quick and lightweight Ajax chat plugin. I've also decided to name this WordPress plugin "Quick Chat".


Here are some of the features of Quick Chat WordPress chat plugin:

  • New in v4.10: Implement automatic private messages and chat rooms daily cleanup using WordPress cron API
  • Add PHP caching WordPress plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache compatibility (See FAQ for more)
  • Add feature to configure which WordPress user role has Quick Chat moderator capability
  • Avoid losing CSS customizations after Quick Chat update (See FAQ for more)
  • Supports Quick Flag WordPress plugin to display country flag icons next to chat nicknames
  • You can set timeout for disabling updates to inactive user
  • Supports multiple private 1 on 1 chat sessions
  • Can filter bad words from your chat rooms
  • Admin users can easily download chat room transcripts
  • Besides gravatar.com avatars, local avatar plugins are also supported
  • Includes admin dashboard widget to chat with other admin users from your site backend
  • Has message input box character counter to limit message size
  • Allows admin users to instantly ban chat participant IP from chat
  • Has chat participants list for both sidebar and embedded chat
  • Site registered users can have their chat nicknames reserved
  • Site admins can reserve additional list of chat nicknames
  • Supports incoming messages sound notification for modern browsers
  • Supports unlimited number of separate chat rooms
  • User interface is translation friendly (translation template, Croatian, Italian, Czech, Romanian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, German, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Estonian, French, Finnish and Welsh (some partial) translation files provided)
  • Integrates with WordPress user accounts to use login name as chat nickname
  • Comes with quality set of emoticons to spice up your chat experience
  • Saves your website bandwidth by sending AJAX requests only when there are new messages


  • PHP 5
  • Requires at least: WordPress 3.3
  • Tested up to: WordPress 3.6
  • Current version: Quick Chat 4.13


You can find up to date installation instructions on Quick Chat WordPress.org installation page.


You can find up to date FAQ on Quick Chat WordPress.org FAQ page.


You can find up to date change log on Quick Chat WordPress.org changelog page.

Your donations

Quick Chat is open source web application created by single person and released under GPLv2 license. This means that you can use or even modify Quick Chat free of charge. Open source development and user support for my WordPress plugins takes at least few hours of my every day so if you find Quick Chat useful you can donate to help it's development. Thanks in advance.

Your feedback

Your feedback would be very appreciated. If you discover any bugs please describe your problem here or using Contact form and I will do my best to resolve it. Feature requests and comments are also welcome and I will try to fulfill any feature requests.

Quick Chat stable version

Quick Chat is hosted by official WordPress plugin directory so that is where you can get it:

DOWNLOAD Quick Chat 4.13 from WordPress.org

Quick Chat next version

If you have time and want to help making Quick Chat better you can test Quick Chat testing versions on your server and post feedback. Quick Chat version posted here will be uploaded to WordPress.org once it is reasonably stable.

Not yet available.


  • Not yet available.


  • Not yet available.

Quick Chat old versions

If latest Quick Chat version isn't working for you, here you can find download links to some of the older Quick Chat versions. I recommend that you use latest version if possible:


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1,481 thoughts on “Quick Chat

  1. Daniel W


    I’m playing with your WordPress Quick Chat Plugin but do not want any public chat room. Just to initiate private chats. (It’s an idea for an intranet we might do.)

    What I really want is another way of sending a notification without the need of publishing a note in the public chat window. (A pop-up window or a badge or something else.)

    Right now I have closed down most of the features with CSS, but then I cannot know when someone invites me.

    Look at http://lab.sommar.se so see what I mean.

    Do you have a solution or an idea?

  2. Gabor Polonkai


    In quick-chat.php line 575 i’ve included session_write_close() in function update_messages_ajax_handler() before ob_start(), because if a request is made to the server, and the session file is open for write, it can’t serve other request, until that file closed. For example if the chat application is loaded in another window, or i’m using the admin area next to the site.

    I hope i can help,


    1. Marko Author

      Hi Gabor,
      this makes sense but by default wordpress doesn’t use PHP sessions, only cookies. Thanks for the effort to share your code though.


    1. Marko Author

      Hi Bruce,
      you’re welcome. Since I’m not a fan of one-size-fits-all approach, Quick Chat is bland by design so people could have easier job to adopt it to their own environment.


  3. Basil

    Hi Marco

    We are using Quick Chat on a website and we would like to create a mobile app (Android and iPhone) for our website. It would be great, if it was possible to integrate the same chatroom in the app as we are using on the website. Do you know if this is possible?
    One way I thought about, was to include the same chat in a Web View inside the app. Maybe it is also possible to access the chat via an API.

    Thanks a lot for Quick Chat!


  4. Monkey

    Hello :)I am new to setting up a site on WordPress.com I know are .org but can I still use Quick Chat on my site?  Really need one for our game but I cannot see where I have a plugin button 🙁 boo, rubbish – please can someone help?

  5. Dan

    Hey – having lag time issues with Quick Chat and current Theme, sent email but not sure if it got received (or if your response could’ve been accidentally thrown out) – we can talk about compensation for time spent fixing, thanks.



  6. Daniel W

    Dear Marko,

    Is it possible to make an auto-accept or another way of initiate a private chat without including the public chat room? (Deeper insight below, 10th of Oct)

  7. Lew

    installed this plugin on my site, is there a reason why it takes 10-20 secs for the message to pop up in the chat room. i thought it was my internet speed but i tried it on other devices other places and it did the same. anyway to fix this?

    1. Marko Author

      disable all other plugins and change theme to WordPress default if necessary. If it still doesn’t work then it’s the server issue. If all works, then enable plugins/theme one by one until you find the conflict. Good luck!


  8. 大林

    I send a message using the Quick Chat, must refresh the page in order to show my message in the chat box, you can send the presentation directly on the display, and I can see why refresh? ? ?

  9. Maulik

    Good work guys.
    I want to know is it possible that only registered users can do the chat instand of guest users and only list of online registered user display in chat room.


    1. Marko Author

      Hi Maulik,
      thanks. You should take a look at loggedin_visible and guests_visible shortcode attributes:

      [quick-chat loggedin_visible="1" guests_visible="0"]


  10. DaZD

    Hi Marko,
    congratulation for this plugin that’s a great job.
    Unfortunately I can’t use it anymore because all the site is really slow when the plugin is activated. I don’t understand why, that was really responsive a few days ago with more than ten users connected. What should I do to optimize this please ? (I use the theme twenty-twelve and bbpress).

    1. DaZD

      After some investigations it looks like the clean fonction doesn’t work on my wordpress. After trying to clean the message I still have almost 300 messages in the database. Did I miss something ?

      1. Marko Author

        In Quick Chat settings you’ll find ‘Target number of messages for automatic daily cleanup and chat interface “Clean” button’ option. If you put 0 there, it’ll clean all messages.

  11. Gerard

    Hi Marko,

    I’m trying to hide date & time in the chat and get the message behind the nickname, but I can’t find any recent information on how to accomplish this. Can you point me in the right direction?



  12. Madie

    Hi Marko,

    I selected the option not show the widget if the code is inserted in a page, but is does not work.
    Please help…

  13. fobusas

    Hi, terrific plugin. But I can’t seem find how to load another language. There is translation (lithuanian), but I can’t find how to enable it. Much appreciated!

  14. Botero

    Hi, Marko , ecxuse my english..
    – The chat work well, but is slowly … is possible more fast .
    – The private chat not work…the window disply , but is not possible display word..
    Please , help me

  15. tawanda

    as an admin how do i exchange message with users , when a user sends a message i am not seeing the message on my chat window on dashboard

  16. oscar

    Hi, i love your chat plugin, since it makes it possible to have multiple chatrooms. However, while testing i noticed it slows down the entire wordpress preformance. When opening admin pages it takes multiple seconds when the chat is activated (wordpress 3.6.2, windows 2008r2/ iis, php5.4, mysql5.1).

  17. Bernienor

    lovely plugin! Im also experiencing load issues of several seconds when this plugin in enabled. (3.7.1) – had to disable it entirely.

    I’ll help donate to this plugin if the author continues to develop and keep stable support.


  18. Asif N

    Hi Marko,

    FYI – QuickChat failed pentesting for a website we intended to use it on.

    If I get a chance to, I will have a look, but in a nutshell, the issue s that the QuickChat makes the application susceptible to stored cross-site scripting due to insufficient encoding of user supplied input on the server side.

    So, basically, the pentest was able to inject JS and alert the entire cookie.



  19. Asif N


    I think the issue is around stripslashes wrapped around the quick_chat_alias cookie. If you add a strip_tags() to it, type cast it or put appropriate validation around it when setting the cookie, I think it will address the problem.

  20. stefano

    Hi Marko,
    Thanks for this awesome plugin!
    I appreciate very much your work!

    There is only a problem with all android browser!
    don’t complete the loading of the page where is quick chat!
    and if stop it quick chat don’t work!

    What do you think can be?

  21. mehrzad

    hi,thanks for your plugin.
    i have a Q.
    this plugin work on simple hosts?
    how much cpu and ram needed?
    how many user can support in time?

    thanks alot

  22. Sinisa

    pozdrav moj chat ne mrda od Loading..

    evo ovo se ispiše u konzoli.. šta da radim ? koristim WP 3.6.1 i jQuery 1.8.3

    event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

  23. Sinisa

    Ok i just solved issue 😀 it didn’t worked because of one plugin named WP_Auctions … so when i deactivated it Quick chat is working just fine … 😀

    Happy New Year from Varazdin – Croatia 🙂

  24. Alconis

    Hi Marko.

    I’d like to know if I can call a function to display the number of currently users connected to a/all rooms. I want to add this number next to my link to the Quick Chat page.

  25. Clive

    Possibly a strange request . . . any chance of you giving an option within the QC widget to only present the title and the already entered chat messages. Nothing else – No users space, not entry box, no admin controls no smileies . . .

    I’ve the chat down the sidebar as I’ve too much I need to display further up so I put a very vertically challenged QC at the top so people can see if there are new responses.

    Thanks it’s very very good ‘chat’

  26. Nige

    Test chat page on /chat. My site’s theme is messing badly with the plugin. Are there any options to override the output to make the chat’s background a different colour?

  27. micah

    Thanks for a great plugin.
    I would like to (on a nonprofit site im building)add an extra field near the user names in the chatroom user list.
    I want to grab value from an xprofile field (buddypress’s user meta) and send it with the other info to the js files so it show ups in a div near each user name. tried sending it in the $js_vars but i ended up having the current user’s field show up on all the user names.
    how do i wrap the var up and send it properly so i can then show each users own field?

    this is what i tried:
    var user_cfield = xprofile_get_field_data( ‘custom field name’, $current_user->ID);
    placed right after: $this->user_id = $current_user->ID; in the init function

    in the $js_vars array added:
    ‘user_cfield’ => $this->user_cfield,:

    and finally in chat-core.js file i added:
    ‘ + quick_chat.user_cfield + ”
    right after:

    im pretty new to programming. could you please please point me in the right direction?

    Thanks very much in any case

  28. David

    Hi Marko
    I have submitted this before without reply, though very keen to know if you are planning on progressing it. If not I will see if I can pay to get some IT tech to custom script something into my website.

    It would be an excellent feature to have the ‘bird tweet’ message alert also sound when one of my forum members sends me an invite to Private Chat, or they hear it when I send them one (currently only hear sound for messages, not invites/notices). Quite often they may be logged in, though working in an area where they can’t see the silent invite ‘notice’ pop into the general ‘group’ chat window. The same happens in reverse when I am busy answering emails etc. and have not realised one of my members has sent me an invite to chat privately.

    Is this something that can be easily achieved and if so do you expect you will do it? Happy to make a suitable donation for your trouble.


  29. AetherconTech

    HEy mate,
    This is a great plugin, it was exactly what my organization needed for quick and easy communication. One thing that’s been mentioned to be before is the height of the individual messages. Is there any way to shrink that? If so, how would I go about doing that?


  30. Luis


    I like quick-chat so much, and I intend to use in my site, but I’d need, if possible, to know if it’s possible to lod only a fixed number of messages, like in this chat:

    englishtips (dot) org

    it loads only 20 messages, when a user posts a new message, it hides the older one (so in the chat window will only appear the same ammount of messages). And we have a link to “older messages”, so the messages are not deleted, just in the window will only appear the last 20 ones.

    Hope it could be possible to add it, or just how would be the coding, if it’s easy to change it.

    Thanks again for your efforts!

  31. Joe

    There’s 2 things that annoy me about this chat. Firstly, the IP of every user is public (you need to look at the data packets returned from the server, it’s not displayed on the page).

    Secondly, all of the messages are returned with each ajax request rather than just the new messages. The client should include the time of the most recent message they have when an ajax call is made, then the server should only return the ones sent after that timestamp. This adds considerable overhead to the database server, which simply isn’t necessary.

  32. athar

    i want a system call code in c lang that could make copy content of a file to another
    another thing copyin but from last char to first

  33. mostafa

    I’m playing with your WordPress Quick Chat Plugin but do not want any public chat room. Just to initiate private chats. (It’s an idea for an intranet we might do.)

    What I really want is another way of sending a notification without the need of publishing a note in the public chat window. (A pop-up window or a badge or something else.)

    Right now I have closed down most of the features with CSS, but then I cannot know when someone invites me.

    Look at http://altechpc.com/en/ so see what I mean.

    Do you have a solution or an idea?

  34. melanie bund

    Hi Marko – i was wondering if there is an updated version of chat, ithas such excellent reviews but people are saying its slow… just wondered if it has been updated and not added to wordpress plugins, and of course where to find the updated version
    thank you in advance

      1. dagestanpost

        Operating System : Linux
        Server : Apache/2.2.22
        Memory usage : 14.82 MByte
        PHP Version : 5.6.4
        MYSQL Version : 5.5.36-34.0-632.precise
        SQL Mode : Not set
        PHP Safe Mode : Off
        PHP Allow URL fopen : On
        PHP Memory Limit : 128M
        PHP Max Upload Size : 1000M
        PHP Max Post Size : 1000M
        PHP Max Script Execute Time : 60s
        PHP Exif support : Yes ( V1.4 )
        PHP IPTC support : Yes
        PHP XML support : Yes

  35. Bjorn Ramberg

    I try to use the Quick Chat plugin on my WordPress site, but when the W3 Total Cache is enabled, the performance of the whole site slows down and it will take long time only to activate the dashboard. I have tried to disable the chacing of the page where I have the Qucik chat pluging activated, but with no result. If I disable W3TC or Quick Chat the responese is normal. Do you have any ide on how I can get Quick Chat to work with W3TC?


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