Should you install Disqus commenting service on your blog or web site?

Disqus?According to Wikipedia Disqus is an online discussion and commenting service for websites and online communities that uses a networked platform. What this means is that if you have a web site you can let Disqus handle your site commenting features by including their code or plugin for your blogging platform into your site. In this article I will review the idea of using Disqus to power your site discussion forums, but with special emphasis on the blogs and sites writing about open source technologies.

Most sites I usually visit are somehow connected to the idea of freedom and open source software. I also maintain this blog writing about my experiences with creating and using free and open source software. These days I'm finding it very difficult to visit open source related site that doesn't implement Disqus commenting system, then again if you watch closely is still using WordPress comments instead of Disqus. Why is that? Some time ago I had to give Disqus a try because I was working for a client who insisted on using Disqus for his WordPress powered blog. Technically Disqus leaves a lot to be desired in terms of stability. Importing old comments was not completely successful and there are times when this service experiences technical difficulties and it is very frustrating for web developer to sit around waiting for third party to recover service affecting his project.

Technical obstacles aren't the only ones preventing me from using Disqus here at The biggest problem is that Disqus is proprietary service powered using closed source software and implementing it would bring all proprietary software flaws right in the middle of my freedom and open source related blog. Hey OMGUbuntu and WebUpd8, where are the principles when you promote open source software on site powered by proprietary software like Disqus?

Also there are some privacy concerns regarding Disqus. I don't want to add my blog visitors to already gigantic network consisting of 1 million Disqus powered web sites capable of tracking users activity when they switch from one site to another. Hey Disqus developers, tracking peoples activity while browsing is not a feature, it is an intrusion into the personal life and will destroy the essence of what made Internet so great - anonymity. So no Disqus, thank you for you offer but I'll pass.


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11 thoughts on “Should you install Disqus commenting service on your blog or web site?

    1. Marko Author

      Commenting system here at has been built as custom plugin on top of WordPress’s own commenting system. If you’re not using WordPress I recommend any self-hosted solution that leaves your site as independent as possible.

  1. NotRight

    You are not right. For someone like, that is maintaining & updating his html 5 based website the ONLY alternative for having comments without using PHP and databases is to implement disqus. Feel free to examin my website:

  2. sibz solutions

    Yes I use disqus commenting service for my blog.It is a simple tool for communicating with readers on certain topics on your blog so that you and readers can exchange ideas.

  3. Arturo

    I was also thinking about it, I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave all the comments to someone else, so I’ll host them myself 🙂


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